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Innotop is easy to install. Follow one of the methods below.

Your Distribution's Package

At this time, innotop is included in the following distributions:

  • FreeBSD
  • Gentoo GNU/Linux
  • Ubuntu and Debian
  • RPM packages for many platforms can be found at the openSUSE buildservice:
  • If you want to contribute a package, please contact us about it.

    Install From a Tarball

    This doesn't work on Windows. If you install from the tarball, extract the tarball and go into the resulting directory:

    tar zxvf innotop-.tar.gz cd innotop-

    Generate the makefile, which will check Perl module dependencies and so forth:

    perl Makefile.PL

    Install the program and man page:

    make install

    To remove the files, simply run:

    make uninstall

    Install Pre-Requisites

    If you want to install from a package management system that doesn't automatically fetch and install dependencies for you, you might need to install packages similar to the following (varies by operating system):

    • MySQL-shared-compat
    • perl-DBI
    • perl-DBD-mysql
    • perl-TermReadKey

    Build an Installable RPM

    If your system is RPM-based, you can generate an installable RPM directly from the tarball with the following command:

    rpmbuild -tb --clean innotop-.tar.gz

    You can then install that RPM via your usual means (varies by distribution).

    On Microsoft Windows

    I have tested installation with ActivePerl 5.8.8. Use the Perl Package Manager tool to install Time-HiRes, DBD-mysql, Term-ANSIColor, Win32::Console::ANSI, and Term-ReadLine. These aren't absolutely required, but they make it much easier to use innotop! If your installation doesn't have it already, Term-ReadKey and List::Util are *required* as well. These are part of the standard distribution unless you're running a very old version of Perl.

    After that, simply unpack the zip or tarball file from Google Code and run innotop from within a command prompt. The only files you need are innotop.

    C:\> cd Path\To\Innotop\Installation\ C:\> perl innotop